Golfing In The Dominican Republic

Casa De Campo (Teeth of the Dog) La Romana

Casa De Campo in La Romana, Dominican Republic consists of three golf courses, the best and most challenging of which is Teeth of the Dog. Teeth of the Dog has been voted the best golf course in the Caribbean and regularly appears on Top 100 lists.

Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo, Pete Dye’s First-Ever Island Creation, Literally Made By Hand, written by Pete Dye for Florida Golf Magazine.

More than 300,000 tons of raw sugar was produced annually at their mill in the sleepy little town of La Romana, making it the largest single producer in the world and the luxurious golf resort that is now Casa de Campo evolved because of their vast resources.

Many golfers love the whole experience of beach community including the vacation accommodations at the  Casa de Campo Villas

The course was designed by the famed Pete Dye, who said that the opportunity to carve out the course was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No machinery was used; instead Dye had to rely on pickaxes, chisels and sledgehammers, not to mention the dedication and hard work of the Dominican crew to carve the course out of the coral foundation.

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