Choose an Island for Your Hawaii Vacation

A lot of visitors come to Hawaii, and all of them were wondering the very same thing before they got there – which island to visit? Well, that can indeed be a bit puzzling, seeing how each and every one of them has a lot to offer. However, we are, in short, going to tell you what you can find in some of the most popular ones, and then you’ll have to pick what sounds the best to you. Perhaps, you’re planning to visit them all, and are just wondering which one to visit first? Whatever your plan is, here is a little something about the Hawaiian Islands.


Napali-Coast-Kauai-Aerial-Photography-Angle_DSC3089-Smugmug-LKauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, and is also the northernmost one. Its beauty is not comparable to any other island on Earth, and the nature on it is just stunning. If you’re a fan of nature, you can visit some of the national parks there, and go hiking in Kokee State Park. Or, if you just like relaxing, you can do it in one of the most beautiful gardens in this state, such as the Limahuli Garden.

While you’re on this island, you may also want to see the most popular waterfall on this island, called the Wailua Falls. You can also see the Kalalau Train in the northern coast, or visit Poipu Beach, a beach that has been proclaimed one of the best beaches in America! Another great thing for all the nature lovers out there is the Waimea Canyon, a canyon like no other in the Pacific.



Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, and it is said that it has the best beaches in the world! It is a great place to come and see the whales that can be found in the waters around the island. Another great thing here is the historic town of Lahaina, as well as the awesome Road to Hana, with some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see.

While you’re on this island, you’ll probably also want to see the Makena Beach State Park, one of the best beaches there, as well as the home of Iao Needle, the Iao Valley State Park.


Big Island of Hawai

This island is bigger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined, and is full of life. Not only because it encompasses as much as 11 out of 13 world climactic zones, but also because you can see amazing wildlife and awesome landscapes. You can find great waterfalls there, rainforests and botanical gardens, and all of that right next to Hilo. You can also find many historic sites, like the Pu’uKohola Heiau, or Kilauea, which is an active volcano that will take your breath away.



If you come here, make sure you visit the Waipio Valley as well as Hilo, the capital city of the island.


diamond-head-hawaii-oahu-3464545You’ll probably come here, because Honolulu is located on this island. This is where most of the people of Hawaii live, which means that it is full of culture. And not just one culture; it is a real melting pot. Oahu is the island where you’ll find Pearl Harbor, famous for the World War II attack, as well as the historic Nuuanu Pali Lookout. While you’re here, you might as well visit the birthplace of surfing – the North Shore.

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About Dr Phillips Near Orlando Florida

Dr. Phillips, FL is a location just outside Orlando that is named after a Florida citrus magnate. Dr. Phillip Phillips is understood for a number of essential developments impacting the packaging and processing of orange juice. Dr. Phillips owned numerous thousand acres of prime orange groves that extended across the majority of Central Florida. The medical professional’s home covered 9 counties and extended from Conroy Roadway to Sand Lake Chain and incorporated all of exactly what is currently known as Orange Tree, Bay Hill, clubhouse Estates, Sand Lake Hills, and Turkey Lake Park. Residences in Dr Phillips Florida average around $400K and rents are around $2,000 a month.

Dr. Phillips is really one huge community and was ranked the 26th Best Location to Live by TIME in 2015. The homes in this location include little homes and single-family homes. There is a great mix of high-rise apartment buildings and smaller apartment complexes together with three and four bed room homes. The majority of the areas and homes were built from 1970 to 1999, although there is still continuous new construction.

The community revolves around household and concentrates on entertainment, the arts, food, and golf. One of the best high schools in the United States is Dr. Phillips High School and the area has five golf courses in a five-mile radius.

Most of the citizens in Dr. Phillips are educated executives in the upper-income levels. Their homes are well-kept and have the tendency to maintain their worth. Over half of the location’s residents are used in senior management, executive or expert occupations.

The community is very varied with a higher portion of locals of Indian, Cuban, and Iranian origins than anywhere else in the United States. Practically a third of the neighborhood’s locals were born in another country.

The citizens of Dr. Phillips have earnings that are higher than 95% of the rest of the nation. While English is the main language of the community, a lot of the homeowners likewise speak Spanish, Gujarati, South Asian japanese and languages.

The community is located near numerous major style parks which make it a fantastic location to holiday. While going to, be sure and examine out the homes in Dr Phillips Florida.

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Golfing In The Dominican Republic

Casa De Campo (Teeth of the Dog) La Romana

Casa De Campo in La Romana, Dominican Republic consists of three golf courses, the best and most challenging of which is Teeth of the Dog. Teeth of the Dog has been voted the best golf course in the Caribbean and regularly appears on Top 100 lists.

Teeth of the Dog at Casa de Campo, Pete Dye’s First-Ever Island Creation, Literally Made By Hand, written by Pete Dye for Florida Golf Magazine.

More than 300,000 tons of raw sugar was produced annually at their mill in the sleepy little town of La Romana, making it the largest single producer in the world and the luxurious golf resort that is now Casa de Campo evolved because of their vast resources.

Many golfers love the whole experience of beach community including the vacation accommodations at the  Casa de Campo Villas

The course was designed by the famed Pete Dye, who said that the opportunity to carve out the course was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No machinery was used; instead Dye had to rely on pickaxes, chisels and sledgehammers, not to mention the dedication and hard work of the Dominican crew to carve the course out of the coral foundation.

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